Sep 2019 03

Our Nordic live guide On Stage is updated daily. Some of our latest additions are Björk, Deathstars, Covenant, Hatari, Anna Öberg and The Guilt.

Recent and upcoming Release Magazine interviews
Sep 2019 03

We have a few interviews coming up, for instance Rhys Fulber, Iris, A Spell Inside and Empirion. In case you have missed our recent ones – here’s a reminder: Amphi Festival, Goethes Erben, Agent Side Grinder (pic), Subkult Festival, Vanguard, Funker Vogt, A Place to Bury Strangers and VNV Nation. Check out our interviews section.

Rhys Fulber talks to Release about the new album and tour with Priest
Sep 2019 05

Rhys Fulber from Front Line Assembly, Delerium – and too many projects to mention here – is embarking on a solo tour together with Swedish band Priest to coincide with his new album “Ostalgia”. We sent off a few questions for Rhys to see what it’s all about.


Release Spotify updates: Numb, OMD, Grimes, Boytronic +4
Sep 2019 06

We have updated our Spotify playlist “ | New Music”. Here’s a breakdown of the new tracks. [more...]

Grimes dropped new dreamy synthpop track (and video) today
Sep 2019 06

Grimes dropped the new track “Violence” today, her first new music in a while. We’re talking about pulsating and dreamy avantgarde synthpop with mass appeal. Watch the video below. [more...]

Sep 2019 08

Swedish synthpop duo Kite has been invited to present an audiovisual performance at the Royal Opera in Stockholm on November 22, together with musicians from the Royal Swedish Orchestra. [more...]

Watch the new Junksista video for the bodypop track “Love Makes People Stupid”
Sep 2019 09

Watch the new Junksista video for the bodypop track “Love Makes People Stupid” below. [more...]

Melancholy & atmosphere – catching up with Iris
Sep 2019 09

US synthpop duo Iris is back with a new, critically acclaimed album: “SIX”. At the same time they are digging deep in their archives for a “Disconnect” performance and remastered rereleases with bonus tracks. Iris is a thorough band. It’s been five years since “Radiant”, and four years before that “Blacklight” was released. It’s always worth the wait, and we thought it was time for another little chat with the band. So we sent off a few questions to Andrew Sega in New York and Reagan Jones in Austin. [more...]

New Pet Shop Boys single with Years & Years & greatest hits tour
Sep 2019 11

Pet Shop Boys new single suddenly dropped today, and it turns out it’s a collaboration with Years & Years.


KMFDM’s new “Paradise” features Raymond Watts
Sep 2019 12

35 years into their career, the ultra heavy beat continues from KMFDM – on their new album “Paradise”.


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