Rhys Fulber talks to Release about the new album and tour with Priest
Sep 2019 05

Rhys Fulber from Front Line Assembly, Delerium – and too many projects to mention here – is embarking on a solo tour together with Swedish band Priest to coincide with his new album “Ostalgia”. We sent off a few questions for Rhys to see what it’s all about.

What kind of stuff will you play at the gigs?

- Every set I play is different. I have a template of material from all releases, including the new one, but I go off these and improvise a lot as well. I have a couple surprise bits but they have mutated to where only the astute ear will identify them.

What’s your relationship with Priest?

- I just met them at Wave Gotik Treffen, but they seem really nice and I think the music is solid.

What can you tell me about the new album “Ostalgia”, which is based on your East German heritage?

- “Ostalgia” is a bit of a new style for me. More complex and IDM-ish in places. It’s dark and melody is used in a sparing and different way than I have before. I made a conscious effort to do things differently on a lot of the material. There is a lot of more EBM sounding records coming out now, so I’m more interested in trying a new path than circling back.

What are your future plans?

- More of this. Remixes and collaborations. I’m constantly evolving my solo material and live set and already have new ideas I look forward to trying out. We will have a Ostalgia remix album 6 weeks or so after release and I have an EP I did for A+W before “Ostalgia” that’s yet to come out. Probably later this year.

The tour starts on September 7 in Cologne, and makes its way through Europe until September 19. For a complete list of dates (including three in Sweden) go to Rhys Fulber’s Facebook page.

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