First no. 1 on Billboard for Oscar Holter
Apr 2020 01

Oscar Holter (from Swedish industrial duo Necro Facility) has landed his first no. 1 on Billboard Hot 100, the top spot in USA.

He and Max Martin have produced the hit ”Blinding Lights” with The Weeknd. Holter has been hard at work as a mainstream music producer for many years now.

Back in 2011 Release Magazine was the only media outlet invited to the Lionheart Studio, when Necro Facility presented their “Wintermute” album. This was the first time they’ve played it in its entirety. Read the interview here.

Necro Facility plays complex industrial music with a pop sensibility in the Vancouver school. They have also helped their friends in Covenant on their “Modern Ruin” album.

Picture from the mentioned studio visit, by Magnus Eklund