Nov 2014 07

There’s a new chapter in the Alliance of Sound tour story every day now and today’s chapter is spectacular.

The joint Front Line Assembly / Skinny Puppy tour FLA frontman (and former Puppy member) Bill Leeb talked about in Release in 2013 is finally happening. Front Line Assembly have accepted VNV Nation’s spot, after VNV Nation pulled out.

This was what Leeb told Release’s Johan Carlsson in the summer of 2013:

- I thought it would be a good idea, because of our connection, the fans and the history. For North America it would be a great “Monsters of Industrial” sort of thing. I wouldn’t mind going on first and doing a shorter set. It’s just being part of it, bringing back the whole thing…from before Wax Trax, before everything, right? We’re all for it. I just really like the idea of after 25 years just coming together, you know? A great way to close an era, and start a new one. I have my fingers crossed, I think it would be fun. It’s guys I used to be really great friends with, and hung out together with for a long time, so it would be like a “Familientreffen”. I think the fans would like it too. Sometimes you have to dream big. If you dream small, you stay small.

Johan said:

- You could bring out everyone and do some Cyberaktif songs!

Bill Leeb:

- Haha, yeah.

And in a News piece from 2013 we wrote: “Nivek Ogre has said in a couple of fresh interviews that he has chatted with Bill Leeb on Facebook about a possible joint Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly tour”.

Haujobb launched a crowdfunding campaign to cover some of their expenses for the tour and has already raised €3185 (the goal was €3000).

The Alliance of Sound tour is now called Eye vs Spy.