And One celebrates 25 years with a farewell tour and a book
Oct 2012 09

And One can’t celebrate 25 years until January 14, 2014, but they’re already preparing. Steve Naghavi is the mastermind behind And One, and he recently wrote a personal letter for his fans where he explains that the band will call it quits in conjunction with the anniversary. He’s stating the reason for this decision is a feud with their ex-label SPV, but that explaining it all would demand more than a “25 page letter to the fans”. So Steve decided that he’s going to write a book instead, which he hopes will be ready next year. They will end 2013 with a farewell tour.

So, contrary to some rumours this year’s tour is still on, and there’s another tour in the pipeline next year. But after that they call it quits, they say.