February 18 1999 News editor: Mikael Kahrle

Marc Almond and Dave Ball have announced that they will make a new Soft Cell album, scheduled for a late 1999 release.
First, Marc Almond will release a new solo album entitled "Open All Night" on March 29. The album will be preceded by a single in the beginning of March, called ""Tragedy"" featuring two exclusive tracks. Marc Almond regards the new record as the best one he has ever made. The album is said to be very dark and contain elements of everything from trip hop to latin. Among the songs are two duets, one with Siouxsie Sioux (Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Creatures) and one with Kelly Dayton of Sneaker Pimps. /Kristoffer Noheden, Mikael Kahrle

In the Nursery appears Cyberware's anniversary compilation.

Cyberware Productions is something as unusual as a Finnish electro record company. Now they celebrate their five year anniversary with the double compilation "Five Years of Electronic Tears". One CD offers the Cyberware artists and one artists licensed to Cyberware for the Scandinavian market. Among the artists included are In the Nursery, Swamp Terrorists, Terminal Choice and the strong debutants Kintetic.

Even though the recordings of the new Ministry album "The Dark Side of the Spoon" have been finished since late last year, the album release has been delayed once more. The new dates are June 4 or 7 (we have heard two dates from Warner) for Europe and June 8 for USA.

Mesh will tour in Germany in April. In the end of February they will visit Sweden and Norway. Even though Mesh are British, they will only play one gig in their home country in May.

The forthcoming Pig album will, as we reported earlier, be called "Black Brothel". The release has however been delayed due to the fact that Raymond Watts, mr Pig himself, has done some remix work for the labels Wall of Sound, Invisible and Cleopatra. /Kristoffer Noheden

Richard James a k a Aphex Twin will release a new single entitled "Windowlicker" on March 22. /Kristoffer Noheden

The Swedish EBM-duo Tolchock released their debut CD last year. They are currently working on their first single, which will feature the album tracks "A Practice for Hell" and "Kicks".

The next Lustans Lakejer single will be "Vackra djur". Their new album "Åkersberga" has been well recieved.

The Warp artists Autechre, Boards of Canada and Black Dog have released EP:s with performances from the John Peel radio show, all of them simply entitled "Peel Session". /Kristoffer Noheden

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