February 12 1999

S.P.O.C.K caught in the studio.
Photo by: Bo Magnusson

One of the leading Swedish synthpopbands, Elegant Machinery, will release a live video cassette in April, with recordings from their performance in Lund, Sweden in December. They have decided to take a break, even if new songs will be made during the break. Richard Johansson of the band will concentrate on his studies and on politics. Johan Malmgren has become more and more involved in S.P.O.C.K and will work with both bands.
S.P.O.C.K are still working on their new "S.P.O.C.K: 1999" album, which will be out on March 1. The track listing shows that last years first single "Speed of Light" not will appear on the album. In April they will perform live in Lund and Gothenburg (Sweden) and more gigs will follow.

Now the just mentioned Richard Johansson and the others behind the Tivoli Festival in Helsingborg, Sweden, have decided that there will be a follow up this summer (July 31). This is a one-day electro festival that was organized last year for the first time.

The legendary German electroband Invincible Spirit will visit Sweden for a gig at the Electropolis club in Gothenburg in April. See On Stage.

Jim Thirlwell is currently preparing both a new Foetus and a new Steroid Maximus album. The Foetus album will be called "Bust" and released sometimes during the second half of 1999.

There is a new single out now from the Bristol trio Mesh.
Photo by: Alex Beran

Here is a list of some new CD:s that have shown up at our office recently:
Coldcut: Let us Replay! (compilation/remix album with extra multimedia CD, Ninja Tune)
Die Form: Histories (compilation album, Trinity) Followed by tour in March.
Gene: Revelations (album, Polydor, February 22)
Generation X-ed: Rock'n'roll Terrorist (EP, Trinity)
Goetes Erben: Kondition: Macht! (album, Strange Ways)
Hexedene: Choking on Lilies (album, Strange Ways) Jonathan Sharp from Cyber-Tec with female singer.
Kliché: Scope (single, Memento Materia) Six tracks, four songs of trip hop-ish synthpop.
Lacuna Coil: In a Reverie (album, Century Media, February 22)
Mesh: People Like Me (With This Gun) (single, Memento Materia) Not so much pop (and hit potential) anymore. Two mixes, one exclusive strong song and a guitar version of the last single "Trust You".
Pan Sonic: A (album, Mute, February 22)
Pist:On: Sell Out (album, Music for Nations, March 1) Dark metal with gothic elements. Known from their tours with Type O Negative and Marilyn Manson.
Project Pitchfork: I Live Your Dream (single, Candyland) Strong new single with four versions of the title song - one made by Gary Numan - and three other songs. More pop, less EBM.
Proxy: Know my Name (album, Energy) Innovative indie/electro pop from Stockholm.
Ryuichi Sakamoto: Love Is the Devil Soundtrack (soundtrack album, Asphodel) Minimalistic film music.
Septic (compilation, Dependent) First sign from this new electro company. With Mesh, Covenant, Front Line Assembly, Numb and simlar bands.
Jimi Tenor: Organism (album, Warp, February 22)
Wolfsheim: Spectators (album, Strange Ways) Beautiful electro pop.
X Marks the Pedwalk: Retrospective (compilation album, Memento Materia)

The members of Spandau Ballet are fighting. Three members have sued the guitarist Gary Kemp for not giving them royalties.

Primal Scream are working on a new album with help from among others Bernard Sumner. An autumn release is most likely.

Now it seems that Ministry's new album "The Dark Side of the Spoon" will be delayed until April.

It's hard times for music magazines, we can tell from our own experience. We haven't been able to release a new issue of Release Music Magazine since August due to our financing problems. We also hear from other magazines in Sweden and Germany that they have problems as well. In Sweden there is no mainstream music magazine at all anymore, which is quite odd. All of us have a special profile.
The leading Swedish music magazine, Pop, has decided to slow down their frequency and release new issues first when they have something to tell. Lots of magazines have problems to get enough ads from the music business. Especially the major companies don't budget the same amounts for magazine advertising anymore. Advertising is the main income for most music magazines.

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