February 6 1999

Famous dance act Underworld's third album "Beaucoup Fish" will be released on March 1 followed by the single "Push Upstairs" two weeks later. They will tour in connection to the releases.

Roskilde Festival has booked some more artists for this summer's festival: Marilyn Manson (picture), Faithless, Chemical Brothers and several others. So far Metallica alone has generated ticket sales.
Marilyn Manson caused trouble at a concert in the Australian Perth last Sunday. People in the audience throwed objects at the band and in the chaos that followed 400 people were injured, luckily noone seriously.

Energy Rekords will make it possible for more people to hear the electronic music legend Robert Marlow. They will release a CD with old songs this spring.

The Swedish indie/wave band Yvonne and their old record company Beat That/Energy have gone separate ways. Yvonne are now signed to Starboy (Robot, Barusta). An EP will hopefully show up on April 6 and their third album in September. They will play at the Hultsfred Festival in June.

Memento Materia will compile a Mobile Homes best of-compilation later this year. Mobile Homes will also be included on "Retronic" - an interesting compilation with Swedish historic new romantic/synth etc classics from bands like Lustans Lakejer, Adolphson & Falk, Ratata and Fake.

German masters of beautiful, modern synthpop Wolfsheim are back with their fifth, strong album "Spectators", released on February 1.

DAF.DOS live.

New info about Swedish Electronic Music Awards in Gothenburg on April 3:
A project called Shunt will open up stage one with an audiovisual celebration to electronic pop music.
Unfortunately the original version of DAF will be replaced by DAF.DOS. Robert Görl has been ill for some time and Gabi Delgado has waited as long as possible for his recovery without luck. Görl and Delgado met last year when they made promotion for the Mute Records re-issues of DAF classics and decided to work together once more. At the the Swedish Electronic Music Awards website you can see the cancellation fax.
DAF.DOS will deliver the new single "International" on March 29 and a new album on April 26 on their new home TCM/Vison.
More details about the so called Autobar have been set. Autobar will be a pub at Swedish Electronic Music Awards completely dedicated to Kraftwerk. Wärk with Jouni Olilla from Pouppée Fabrikk and others will perform covers of songs from the German pioneers. Industrial band Institut will play live as well. There will be Kraftwerk decorations, drinks, info booklets - and even the Düsseldorf Bahnhof train schedule!
Finally, we can tell you that a compilation CD will be given to all the Swedish Electronic Music Awards visitors, just like last year.
Since we took care of the VIP invitations last year we want to take this opportunity to inform media, artists, music business people and others that the procedure is different this year. We don't work with these matters anymore, so please mail Swedish Electronic Music Awards's PR manager for this.

The complete program for the More Than a Party in Uppsala, Sweden on February 20 has been released. Neuroactive, Octoberland and Vision System are the three new names who will play. The headlines are Dive and Mobile Homes.

Photo by: Peter Cederling

In the December 29 News edition we mentioned the Swedish new romatic legends Lustans Lakejer. They released their first album in 14 years, "Åkersberga" this Friday. A strong collection of songs in the spirit of their old days, even though the latest single "Kylan ligger över hela stan" perhaps doesn't prove that.
- The next single will probably be "Cynisk", "En kvinnokarls död" or "Vackra djur". That may convince our old fans, mastermind Johan Kinde says to Release when I (Mikael Kahrle) meet him at the hotel Park Avenue before their release party in Gothenburg recently.
Kinde feels ashamed about Lustans Lakejer's last two albums.
- I want to apologize to our fans, he says in a very straight forward manner. Our first three albums where the real ones and the last two were mistakes. I hope we can rebuild our reputation with "Åkersberga" which I'm very satisfied with.
Regardless of the response to the new album Kinde wishes to release another one not too far into the future.
- I've written several really strong songs already, he claims.
On March 5 they launch their new club tour in Gothenburg. And this summer they will play at festivals.
I asked him about the planned CD releases of the classic Lustans Lakejer vinyl albums.
- We are considering that, and it's really strange that these albums don't exist in the CD format, Kinde thinks. So it's a fine idea, especially since we can add single B-sides and for example our hit "Diamanter" who was never released on an album. But now we're on a different record company and I think Polygram who owns the old albums are busy with their Universal merger right now, so we will have to wait for a while.

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