August 24 1998
At last year's Arvika Festival Eddie Bengtsson/Cpt Kirk did his last live performance with S.P.O.C.K. At this year's festival Johan Billing/Plasteroid did his last at their 197:th gig (!). The remaining frontman Alexander Hofman/Android and last year's recruit Christer Hermodsson/Crull-E report that Mr Plasteroid has left the band for other earthbound assignments. He will continue to make music in his other projects like FKK Jugend (who will play at the pre-Mode party in Gothenburg).
- We'll never forget the man, neither his deeds, and wish him all the best, says the remaining S.P.O.C.K-members.
No replacement has been recruited, but Crull-E has lived up to every expectation and more, says Android, so it's not a problem. The new S.P.O.C.K is currently working with their next album "S.P.O.C.K: 1999" and a new single scheduled for an autumn release.
If you are interested in Johan Billing's projects - check out Disko Diktatör's website.

Photo: Marina Chavez

Maybe you have heard the new Depeche Mode-single "Only When I Lose Myself" spinning on the radio. We didn't have to wait several years for a new single this time. Many people are curious about the single configurations, so we make an exception and bring you every detail. After all, it is Depeche Mode we are talking about.
The "BONG29" single will show up in two CD-versions, one official 12 inch and two DJ 12 inches on September 7 as planned.
The first CDM is the important one beacuse it delivers three completely new tracks in completely original versions. No remixes, no nonsense. Of course "Only When I Lose Myself" will show up on "The Singles 86-98". "Surrender" is a groovy, slow song with lots of feeling. "Headstar" is dancable and faster, but instrumental.
The second CDM - and a 12 inch - includes two well-made remixes of the single song made by Danny Briotett, former Renegade Soundwave member and "Dan the Automator" - and a Luke Slater remix of "Headstar".
Two other 12 inches will be released, but only for DJ purposes. The first with the two mentioned "Only When I Lose Myself"-remixes, the original "Headstar" and the club favourite "Painkiller", remixed by DJ Shadow. The second with the mentioned "Headstar"-remix, "Surrender" remixed by the French house artists Catalan FC and a Gus Gus-remix of the single track.
Got it? Well, it woudn't be Depeche Mode if it wasn't for all the remixes and single configurations, would it?

Some famous artists is currently remixing one of the biggest EBM-hits in the universe: Front 242:s "Headhunter" for the new single release later this year. Well, maybe not some, quite a lot actually: Nine Inch Nails, Front Line Assembly, Sven Väth, Leæther Strip, Talla 2XLC, Apoptygma Berzerk, Evil's Toy, Funker Vogt, Resistance D, Mentallo and the Fixer and Substanz T are busy reworking the track. And these are not all...

As expected (?) the new Nine Inch Nails album is delayed further more - until the beginning of next year.

Zoth Ommog and Edel will together release the new band Mellotron:s first longplayer in October. Watch out for the single "Der Meister".
At the same time Zoth Ommog made this new signing they throwed out a couple of bands - the not too successful Bio-Tek, Collapsed System, Second Disease and Trylok. The company wish them good luck on their musical path.

Elegant Machinery are soon back with a new single and a compilation album. Here singer Robert Enforsen receives their Swedish Electronic Music Award for best live act 1997 out of Alexander Hofman's hand in Gothenburg earlier this year.
Photo: Anders Ekne

Energy Rekords gave us their release plans for the rest of the year. Let's just say: They are going to be busier than usual.
First we take a look at the old, well-known band's plans:
Elegant Machinery: "Words of Wisdom" (single) followed by the compilation album "Decade of Thoughts" including some new material produced by Eskil Simonsson of Covenant. Another synthpopband is Kiethevez who has had their new single "Erina" ready for some time, but it will be released this autumn. Pouppée Fabrikk is finally back after a long break with the theatre music-CD "Djävulen" in limited edition. They are still working with their new album, possibly a double. LCD delivers "Ten Years After".
Energy has just released the Front Line Assembly remix double-CD "Rewind" and will release the Front 242 "Headhunter 98" single - both licensed for Scandinavia. The will also license a single with The Nine and release a Metallica-tribute. Then there is a whole row of newcomers on the way: Proxy: "Now That You My Name" (album/alternative electropop), Tolchock: "In the Name of Tolchock" (album/EBM), Project X: "Fearless" and "Forbidden Desires" (single and album/EBM), Forbidden Colours (single, no official title/synthpop).

Now, more details are known about Leæther Strip's third and forthcoming record in the "Yes, I'm Limited"-series. As much as 26 tracks - remixes, rare livetracks (isn't every livetrack with Leæther Strip "rare"?) and more - will be released as a double-CD at the normal price, but in only 2222 copies.

Zoth Ommog reports that the Swedish dark electroband Seven Trees are finally working on their second album, scheduled for an early 1999 release. No word about the planned mini-CD - it is probably cancelled.

The Cardigans goes Garbage on the new excellent single "My Favourite Game" from the forthcoming album "Gran Turismo". Samples and speed make them sound far from the old coctailpop-days.

Curious about the successful Paradise Lost? Check out the new compilation "Reflection". We reflect over the fascinating development from naive death metal to Depeche Mode-influenced gothpop.

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