August 15 1998

The Depeche Mode double compilation "The Singles 86-98" will be available from September 28. Here is the track listing:
CD 1
From "Black Celebration": "Stripped", "A Question of Lust" and "A Question of Time".
From "Music for the Masses": "Strangelove", "Never Let Me Down Again", "Behind the Wheel" and "Little 15". "Little 15" is placed as one of two extra tracks in the end of CD 2, since Mute Records claims that it was only released in France (?). The other extra track is the "Everything Counts" live single track.
From "Violator": "Personal Jesus", "Enjoy the Silence" and "World in My Eyes".
CD 2
From "Songs of Faith and Devotion": "I Feel You", "Walking in My Shoes", Condemnation" and "In Your Room".
From "Ultra": "Barrel of a Gun", "It's No Good", "Home" and "Useless".
And the separate new song "Only When I Lose Myself", released on September 7.
"The Videos 86-98" is released at the same date as the compilation.
Read more about Depeche Mode in the brand new issue of Release Music Magazine.

This Friday MC Maxim Reality of The Prodigy announced that he is working on a solo record.

This Saturday the Gothenburg electro club Electropolis opens again after the summer break. See On Stage.

Not a club, but a bar in Stockholm - Dieter's Synthbar will open their doors again on August 17 and then run each monday. They have moved to Restaurang Sjögräs at Timmermansgatan 24, but the opening hours (19-01), the free entrance and the music are the same. See On Stage.

The living legend Gary Numan is currently working on a new album. But first the 1979 track "Metal" will be released as a new single remixed by no others than Trent Reznor and Afrika Bambaataa.
Trent Reznor has also helped Josh Wink on his album "Herehear".

Photo by: Henrik Rylander.

The Swedish retro pop band Robot have two songs in the French successful film "Folle D'elle" with a o Raquel Welch.- "Members of the Stars" and "Kick the Bucket". It was very close that "Members of the Stars" also showed up in a new commercial filmclip from Rocky.
Robot has already made about 30 demos for their second album.

A new romantic compilation will come from Universal on August 24: "New Romantics" with the usual heroes like ABC, Human League, Spandau Ballet and Yazoo.

Now the Swedish release dates for Marilyn Manson are set. The single "Dope Show" is scheduled for September 7 and the album "Mechanical Animals" one week later.

A new KMFDM album is recorded and will probably be released later this year. The swede Skold has been involved, but not Raymond Watts. Watts has made a new Pig record instead, also scheduled for the end of this year on Wax Trax!/TVT. He and Jim Thrilwell has made one remix each for an EP from the Japanese band D.I.E.. Polydor delivers this EP in September. /Kristoffer Noheden

The Tivoli Festival in Helsingborg, Sweden, on August 1 was a success with about 700 satisfied guests. Read a short report at On Stage.

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