Oct 2023 16

The Swedish non-profit Subkult festival in Vänersborg, near Gothenburg, has started a fundraising and they have raised $7.000 so far.

Their goal is $18.000. The head of the festival, Mirre Sennehed, explains the situation:

- The pandemic was tough for our entire industry, and especially tough for those who were already having a tough time and who had no buffer to draw from in a crisis. We had a deficit from previous years to work with and hoped for a fresh start with our 5-year anniversary in 2022. It was a record audience, and it was going in the right direction. But despite that, it was still tough financially for our association. Costs increased from all sides with the pandemic and now also due to the inflation. We’ve turned ourselves inside out to get it all going and thanks to sponsors and dedicated people, we survived in 2022 despite the difficult conditions.

We then hoped that we would get back on our feet in 2023. But unfortunately that was not the case, and instead we lost important grants for 2023 and for the first time ever we had a decline in ticket sales. We’ve never had a decline before. We’ve always grown slowly but surely every year, but things took a hard turn.
Some of the acts that performed at Subkult 2023: And One, Assemblage 23, Black Nail Cabaret, Melotron, Gothminister, Kleerup, Statemachine, The Mobile Homes, Tyske Ludder, Torul, Project-X and Attentat.