Dec 2021 03

On November 21, we reported that Douglas McCarthy was admitted to hospital and Bon Harris took over all vocal duties in Nitzer Ebb.

McCarthy was released shortly thereafter and we’re relieved to hear he’s feeling better, but unfortunately the latest tour statement says he’s going through a ”very difficult time”.

Bon will be the main vocalist for the remainder of the current US tour. Two days ago, Bon Harris and David Gooday (machines) played Austin, Texas, and hook up with Jürgen Engler from Die Krupps who lives there and visited the gig. He had this to say:

- Bon did a tremendous job replacing Douglas as frontman of Nitzer Ebb tonight, his energy and stage presence make up for the temporary loss… so don’t hesitate going to the rest of the shows on their U.S. tour, it’s well worth it!!! To the hilt!

Nitzer Ebb is normally a 4-piece these days but the Toronto gig was Bon solo, as David Gooday was not allowed to enter Canada. In social media, he wrote:

No you can’t come in
No we won’t tell you why
Oh and you can wait for months for us to reply”
The European dates in December have been postponed to April 2022. Hopefully, Nitzer Ebb is a 4-piece again by then.