Oct 2016 08

Kevin Haskins has endured the legacy of the late 70:s band Bauhaus as its drummer and now archivist and autobiographer. Bauhaus is a quartet that needs no introduction and Haskins pursued collecting and curating a self-published “Bauhaus Undead” book.

As Haskins lived the Bauhaus experience firsthand, he has been able draw from his own personal memorabilia of the band’s debut in 1978, tours, breakup, and reformations (1998 & 2005). Haskins’ personal written recollections are a feature of the book content, along with largely unseen photographs, set lists, artwork and lyrics.

Creative direction came from Jeff Anderson (Artist in Residence), with the design team of Donny Phillips and Kaylee Carrington of KIHL Studio. Anderson was also behind the NIN book “Cargo in the Blood”, Pixies’ “Minotaur” and Sigur Rós’ “In a Frozen Sea: A Year with Sigur Rós”.

“Bauhaus Undead: The Visual History and Legacy of Bauhaus” is currently on global pre-sale. Kevin Haskins’ book is offered as a signed deluxe hard-bound edition with slip Case (510mm x 340mm – 304 pages), or a compact edition hardcover almost half the size (330mm x 254mm – 316 pages). The estimated date of shipping for the newly published books is December 1, 2016.

Release Magazine has an interview in progress with Kevin Haskins on the book’s content and his passionate memories as Bauhaus.