Yazoo and Depeche Mode collaborator John Fryer releases single with Bill Leeb
Apr 2017 13

Black Needle Noise’s ”A Shiver of Want” is a dark, heavy brooding piece where John Fryer enlists Bill Leeb from Front Line Assembly and Delerium to handle vocal duties.

The single is out now on Bandcamp and comes out on all streaming platforms on April 28.

John Fryer started out his producing career at Blackwing Studios in London, where he worked with Yazoo and Depeche Mode’s first albums. He’s since worked with Cocteau Twins, Nine Inch Nails, Swans, Wire, Stabbing Westward, Ashbury Heights and many many more. He’s also part of This Mortal Coil. Now he’s releasing under the name Black Needle Noise and is issuing new singles towards a new album.