The new video from body-techno duo Empirion
Aug 2018 28

We, Release Magazine, hosted the worldwide premiere of the new Empirion music video “I Am Electronic”. Watch it below now.

The UK industrial techno duo’s new “double A-side” single “I Am Electronic / Red Noise” will be out on Dependent Records on September 21, followed by the comeback album “Resume” later in the fall. The CD single will hold 6 and the vinyl 4 tracks, including remixes by Rotersand and Victory Pill.

Empirion are back after a long hiatus, when the members focused on other projects like KLOQ. Empirion started as early as 1993 and released hard electronic tunes on XL Recordings. their heavy remix of The Prodigy’s “Firestarter” was played in EBM clubs, and they also supported Prodigy live.

They just played UK’s Infest and will visit “The last Slimelight birthday party before Brexit” in London on October 20.

The below video was a Release exclusive for 24 hours until 18:00 on August 29.