Synthpop veterans The Mobile Homes return – mini interview and new video
Aug 2017 30

Stockholm synthpop veterans The Mobile Homes have hooked up with new label Psykbunkern and are back with a new song, “It Used to be Fun”. Watch the video below.

- We are working hard on our 7th album, and hopefully we will have a release in the end of 2017, they say.

The current line-up is Hans Erkendal, Patrik Brun, Sami Sirviö (ex Kent), Markus Mustonen (ex Kent) and Andreas Brun (who is not present on stage). The Mobile Homes are now presented by Psykbunkern, a new label and publishing company based in the old Kent studio. They are still eager to release new music.

- We still think it’s great to do music together. The day you lose that feeling, take a rest.

What are your personal favourite Mobile Homes songs today?

Hans: My favorite today is ”Slightest Doubt” because it’s so Mobile, and reminds me of Christian Falk.

Patrik: My favorite today is “Lost the Lust”. I love the synth solo.

Many years ago, you expressed your admiration for Düsselforf on Swedish national TV (the show “Bullen”). Do you still prefer to spend your holidays there?

- We still love Düsseldorf. But sometimes we take a charter to Canary Islands, to get that tan!

The Mobile Homes will perform at Electronic Summer this weekend. Release is a media partner.

Text by: Mikael Kahrle
Mini interview by: Henrik Wittgren
Photo by: Jan-Erik Saarinen