Dec 2020 03

Danish film maker Kim Sönderholm has made video for the Front Line Assembly track “Arbeit”.

It’s unclear why they chose to do a video for “Arbeit”, which is a song from “Wake up the Coma” released almost 2 years ago. But hey, let’s just enjoy it shall we?

The new FLA album “Mechanical Soul” comes out on January 15. We’ve got some tidbits about it too, namely that Jean-Luc De Meyer will sing on a track called “Barbarians” and Dino Cazares from Fear Factory guests on a track called “Stifle”.

Plus, the new Noise Unit album is called “Deviator”, but no release date is known as of now.

For some extra nerdy information, I’ve put a list of “featured instruments” that will appear on “Mechanical Soul” below the video.

Featured Instruments (by track):
1  Elektron Analog Rytm mk2
2  Studio Electronics Omega 8
3  Roland Alpha Juno 2
4  Mutable Instruments Shruthi
5  Waldorf Pulse+
6  Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas, Ormsby DC7
7  Moog Model 15 reissue
8  Mutable Instruments Clouds
9  Waldorf Q+
10  Doepfer A100