Sep 2023 13

Vince Clarke has recorded some solo music before, but not under his own name. Now, he’s announced a proper solo album.

“Songs of Silence” is the title, and Vince started working on it during lockdown, fiddling about with his Eurorack. He decided to only use that particular piece of equipment for the entire album, and that each track would be in only one key. The result is nothing like we’ve ever heard from him before; purely instrumental and evocative.

The lead single “The Lamentations of Jeremiah” is a somber affair, and as I haven’t seen any production credits yet, I’m going to assume that the cello is synthesized and not a real one. There’s a haunting video for it too, which you can peruse below.

The album will be out on Mute on November 17, on CD and vinyl. And with the beautiful catalogue number STUMM500.