VNV Nation’s orchestral album “Resonance” set for May
Mar 2015 19

One of the biggest bands in our “scene”, VNV Nation is now ready to switch gear and enter uncharted territory. On May 15 they’ll release “Resonance”, a purely acoustic and vocal album featuring many of the band’s biggest hits played with the Babelsberg Film Orchestra.

Ronan Harris and Mark Jackson have been wanting to do this for a long time, and finally the opportunity presented itself. “Resonance” will be available on CD (Digibook for a limited time, then regular), a deluxe limited edition boxset, or as a digital download. Not much is known about the boxset yet, except this quote: “We wanted the boxset to harken back to, and match the quality of, boxsets from the days of 78 shellac records and hope you’ll feel we did this justice.”

A double vinyl edition will also be made available, but not until summer.