Vince Clarke heads to Kickstarter to make video game
Apr 2014 07

Legendary Erasure knob twiddler Vince Clarke is branching out a lot these days, with collaborations and remixes happening all the time. Now he’s heading towards video games, in a new kickstarter project called “Dancers of War”.

The game is a musical beat-em-up where you’re saving the world from a maniacal pop star, and Vince will contribute the music. Check out the video on the Kickstarter page to get a taste of some techno sounding tidbits. The game itself will be designed by Van Partible – the creator of the Johnny Bravo cartoon – and Scott Eaton who has worked on “Call of Duty”, “Medal of Honor” and more.

Some of the things you’ll get when you pledge towards the project include a chance to actually hang out with Vince, get tickets to Erasure concerts, or a copy of Vince’s original score.