Video clip from the Covenant studio + album details
Sep 2016 19

Below, you can watch a short clip from the Covenant studio in Helsingborg, where Eskil Simonsson and Joakim Montelius talk about their latest single “Sound Mirror”.

The new album, “The Blinding Dark”, is scheduled for November 4 and will  be available in the following formats: CD, 3LP incl. download code for album and exclusive song material, Book 2CD including 6 bonus tracks and a Complete Box with Book 2CD, 3LP including download code for album and exclusive song material, photo prints and a signed certificate.

Track list:

1. Fullwell
2. I Close My Eyes
3. Morning Star
4. Cold Reading
5. A Rider On A White Horse
6. Interlude
7. Dies Irae
8. Sound Mirrors (Fulwell)
9. Interlude
10. If I Give My Soul
11. Summon Your Spirit

“Psychonaut” EP:

1. The Blinding Light
2. Death of Ideology
3. Death of Identity (excerpt)
4. Death of Superstition
5. Death of Spirituality
6. Death of Belief

“Psychonaut” EP Session Bonus Material:
1. Death of Identity (full version)
2. Wolf Hour
3. New Dawn