UK synthpop, EBM and industrial label Juggernaut is no more
Oct 2014 28

UK-based synthpop, EBM and industrial label Juggernaut Services is no more. Machinista, Kittersplatter, Mr Kitty, Cyferdyne and Tactical Module are some of the many small bands released by Juggernaut.

Some artists, like Sweden’s Train to Spain, were about to release records on Juggernaut and many artists are looking for a new home.

- I have, with some regret and hesitation decided to move away from the music scene and re-invent my life and the way I live it, Nick Quarm from Juggernaut writes.

He has two pieces of advise.

- If you are thinking of starting your own label, or want to promote bands in a vein similar to how I did - be transparent at all times, and do not let yourself get in over your head. Have a target in your mind at the start and do not exceed it.