Two members leave synthpop trio Priest
Mar 2019 07

Two members of Priest have left the band, including the vocalist. But main member Salt says his synthpop band will carry on. Read more, learn who is who and watch the brand new video “Obey” below.

Both Mercury (Tom Åsberg) and Sulphur (Alex Högberg) have announced that they are leaving Priest for personal reasons (statements below). Mercury’s impressive vocals will be heard on the upcoming EP “Obey” (March 29).

Remaining member Salt (Linton Rubino), maybe with the help from the producer Alpha (Simon Söderberg), need to produce a new vocalist on short notice for the upcoming live shows at E-tropolis, Out of Line Weekender and as support act for Aesthetic Perfection on their big European tour. Salt sings on the Priest song “Nightmare Hotel”, but is not likely to take over vocals duties entirely.

Linton Rubino played bass live in Ghost 2013-14 in the role of the Nameless Ghoul Water. His father, Mauro Rubini, who has played keytar in Priest both on record and stage, was the keyboard Ghoul (Air) in Ghost 2011-16. Simon Söderberg (Fire / Alpha) was one of two main guitarists on stage for many years up until the infamous conflict that ended up in court. The Priest break-up appear to be friendlier.

Here is the statement from Mercury:

“It is with a heavy heart that I hereby announce that I’m no longer playing the character known as “Mercury” in the band Priest.

For personal reasons, the original group has broken up, with both me and the man behind the character of “Sulfur” choosing to take different paths in the world of music and art.

The years with Priest were truly amazing, and I’ll cherish the memories and experiences for life.

In the moment of writing, I’m declining all interviews and questions regarding further details into this matter.

To the fans, thank you so much for your undying love and support! You are the reason to why all of this was made possible, and I stand in awe of your burning passion. For those of you wanting to follow Priest in the band’s future exploits, you shall not be disappointed.

To my band brothers, it’s been an honor to serve with you, the crew, and all others who aided our journey over the years.

Priest will be releasing its upcoming EP “Obey” on March the 29th. I could not be more proud to be a part of it. Thank you, humans, for listening to my sermon.

Your Priest, Tom Åsberg”

And Sulphur’s statement:

“To fans of Priest

Due to personal reasons I will no longer be a part of Priest.
The original members of the band have, for different reasons, chosen to take different paths.

I am immensely grateful for the time spent behind the mask and the incredible crew behind us who fought for art they truly believed in. Without all the friends who had the energy to support us, it would not be what it is today.

To the listeners. I feel such great love for the fact that you made this journey possible and I’ll miss the epic moments together. However, a new path begins that I’m eager to start wander.

“Salutations to all of those in the triangle. The fifth, sixth and the seventh stages of the miracle. Corresponding to Mercury, Sulphur and Salt”.

Sulphur/Tria Prima”