Top 10 albums of the 2010:s by Torny Gottberg (Progress, Cryo)
Jan 2020 15

Release Magazine asked Torny Gottberg for his top albums of the decade (2010-2019). He runs Progress Productions, works at Secretly Noord, plays in EBM band Cryo, has played in Project-X, organizes clubs and concerts (Front 242, Club Target, Progress festivals etc) and DJ:s.

White Lies: “Ritual”
Thåström: “Beväpna dig med vingar”
Kent: “Tigerdrottningen”
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: “Skeleton Tree”
Legend: “Fearless”
Dead When I Found Her: “Harm’s Way”
Rome: “Coriolan”
The National: “High Violet”
Motorama: “Calendar”
Pharmakon: “Abandon”

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