Top 10 albums of the 2010:s by Calle Nilsson (Lucifer’s Aid)
Jan 2020 06

Release Magazine asked Calle Nilsson (Lucifer’s Aid, The Operating Tracks, Lithium) for his top 10 albums of the decade (2010-2019). He releases harsh, critically acclaimed EBM but is also a dedicated Depeche Mode (and Bruce Springsteen) fan.

The Klinik: “Eat Your Heart out”
Bruce Springsteen: “Western Stars”
Eminem: “Kamikaze”
Skinny Puppy: “Weapon”
Gesaffelstein: “Aleph”
Depeche Mode: “Spirit”
Wulfband: “Wulfband”
Ministry: “Amerikkkant”
Laibach: “Spectre”
Visitor: “Expat”

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