Apr 2014 15

In a recent statement (below), singer of dark rock act Tiamat Johan Edlund said he quits but today he posted “Ha ha.. Not so sure anymore. Bring up the wages”.

“I have decided to leave Tiamat. My health etc. Doesn’t work any longer. I say leave because I don’t claim anything Tiamat. If the other guys wanna continue, fine. Go ahead. Get a great good looking vocalist, sign to Century Media & just do it. But I’m out & not even intrested apart from wishing all the best for the band. All contracts & such will be handed out to Anders, Lars & Roger, if they’re into it. I want nothing from this, I was spoiled too much of being an adult. Give someone a better chance. I will do the four festivals we have booked for the summer. Face it, there are other bands, plus even Tiamat might get better!  Love my brothers & thank YOU for your support! KISSES!”