There’s a new dark ambient label in town
Apr 2023 14

Henrik Karlsson from Swedish electronic industrial band Seven Trees and Dan Barrett just announced that they’re starting up a new record label.

The label is called Arcane Dirge and will focus mostly on dark ambient and post industrial. Two releases are already on the way, the first we’ll talk about is the debut album “Zechrum” from Henrik’s side project Subverge, a dark ambient epic reminiscent of Cold Meat Industry bands like Raison D’être, In Slaughter Natives and even some old school Delerium.

The second one is a huge 2-disc compilation featuring only exclusive tracks by artists such as beforementioned Raison D’être as well as Empusae, Disvoid, Gydja, Gnawed and many more. Plus of course a track by Subverge, and a Subverge-ified version of Seven Trees’ track “Valium Dreams”.

Both of these come out on April 28 (digital and digipak CD).

There is no pre-order so you’ll have to keep your eyes open on April 28. There is a Bandcamp but nothing is there yet.