The Weatherman and Seabound side project Ghost & Writer back with new CD
Mar 2013 25

Frank Spinath from Seabound and Edge of Dawn has once again joined forces with Jean-Marc Lederman from The Weathermen (among other things, he likes to keep himself busy in a lot of projects) to create the second Ghost & Writer CD. They have previously released the album “Shipwrecks”. The first sign of life from the new sessions is the free teaser single “Never Take Fire”, leading up to a full album on April 5 (Metropolis/Dependent) called “Red Flags”.

The 2 members have come together through the love of old black and white movies, and describes the project thus: ““Our songs are like short films. Like the characters in a film noir, the protagonists in our songs are often fighting a losing battle because they romanticize too deeply that which they cannot have, and so they collapse. Or they are fleeing from that which they actually desire. Musically the album is characterized by certain effortlessness, like old movie theaters or carousels. It resonates with not only playfulness, but also with a deep romantic desire.“

The album contains 8 tracks, which are also reworked by a bunch of different artists: Dead When I Found Her, Acretongue, Diskonnekted, Iris and more.