The new
Jul 2012 04

Our brand new site is finally here!

It’s a beta site. We will continue to develop, finetune and add functions. We will keep you posted.

If you take a look at the menu, you’ll notice we have changed a few things:

  • Features includes several sections like Interviews (Spotlight is no more), Playlist and Best of the Year.
  • On Record is now called Music reviews.
  • Live reports are called Live reviews.
  • The menu has sub sections for Archives.
  • At launch, all the 2012 texts are posted here.
  • We have also linked the old site pages and embedded them into the new site.
  • We will re-post more and more texts (starting with interviews and reviews from 2011).
  • The Slider with big pictures will highlight some (but far from all) new posts; mostly Interviews.


Web developer: Jonas Carlson.

I hope you’ll like the new

/Mikael Kahrle