The mysterious Wulfband ready to unleash sophomore album
Oct 2017 25

On November 24, three years after their debut album attack, the mysterious (and most likely mad) Swedish bodypunk duo Wulfband will unleash their sophomore album.

“Revolter” holds 12 tracks with an additional 4 on a limited edition bonus disc. Listen to snippets below.

Wulfband has played numerous gigs but the members identity remains a secret to those outside the inner circle – quite impressive. People guess wildly. The Swedish mainstream club duo Rob’n'Raz embracing their secret love for EBM? Not sure about that one…

Track list:

1. Lass Die Hunde Los
2. Full Frontal Sabotage
3. Kaos MF
4. Kpt. Kaboom
5. Mann An Mann An Mann
6. Platzmachen
7. Basta
8. Das Ist Musik
9. Séparez
10. Liebe Offensive
11. Total
12. In Tempo

Limited edition disc:

1. Pest
2. Körpersprache
3. Das Ist Musik (Ist Das Musik Mix)
4. Fick Das (Alles Zur Hölle Mix)