Dec 2021 30

Our friends in the Xenophone and Twice a Man camp are as creative as ever – here’s a round-up.

While Dan Söderqvist is escaping the Swedish winter in the Pyrenees, his partner in crime delivers his second solo album on January 14. Gasleben & Electric Friends’s “A Vessel out of Here” features 9 synthpop and atmospheric tunes with vocals from his wife Anna Öberg, Peter Davidson and Daniel Kaufeldt (fourth, “secret” member of Twice a Man).

Gasleben, Öberg and Zac O’Yeah make up the playful trio The Ändå and the new single “Wow” came out just before Christmas.

Lars Falk was once a member of Twice a Man and he continues to release strong solo music. The trippy electropop single “Last Letter” sounds a lot like his old band and was released on Xenophone on December 10.

It will probably not take long until we get to hear new music from Twice a Man and Anna Öberg.