Synthpop trio Beborn Beton back with first album in 8 years
Jan 2023 08

German synthpop trio Beborn Beton hasn’t released an album since 2015, but now they’re finally back.

The upcoming album is called “Darkness Falls Again” and is scheduled for a March 17 release on Dependent Records. A first taste is already out, in the form of the single “Dancer in the Dark” which you can enjoy below.

The album tackles problems such as racism, hate, violence, and people who destroy our planet to make a quick buck. So it’s not just dancey electronic music with a catchy chorus, this music has depth.

Like many great synthpop albums before this, “Darkness Falls Again” is produced, mixed and mastered by the studio wizard Olaf Wollschläger.

The album will be available as a 48 page artbook with bonus CD, and on both black and white vinyl – the latter being a limited edition. You can also get it as digisleeve CD.

Pre-order it here.