Mar 2016 10

Swedish artist, remixer and producer Krister “Krycko” Petersson has passed away at the age of 41. He was one half of synthpop/ italo disco act Vision Talk and over the years he had several other projects like Chinese Theatre, Vz Vintage Project and SwedIT.

After some time away from the scene, Vision Talk re-started in 2015 and even had a live show planned for October 2016. In January this year, the band posted new song “Come with Me” – their last release before Kristers passing.

Krister was the embodiment of a true indie musician within the synth and italo disco scene. He was a go to guy when people needed production help or a remix of their tracks and he was always happy to help fellow musicians out.

This world lost Krister about the same time legendary Beatles producer George Martin passed away and in my Facebook flow it was very clear that Krister was an important figure in the synthpop/ italo disco scene.