Oct 2019 22

We have the complete line-ups for the Progress and electriXmas festivals.

After hinting which bands were headed for this year’s Progress festival in Gothenburg, and even considering keeping the line-up more or less secret (which could have been fun), the complete program has now been released. Spark!, Kennelklubben, Saft, Dupont, Children Within and Xenturion Prime are some of the names. The label turns 15 this year.

electriXmas in Malmö adds Empathy Test and Lights of Euphoria to a line-up with DAF, Dive, The Juggernauts and Promenade Cinema.

Finally, a reminder for this Friday’s Quad event in Gothenburg with Iris, Page, Cryo and Kårp. Quad? Well four four-letter bands and 44 tickets for 444 SEK where 44 SEK goes to children’s charity, open until 4… you get it.

For dates and details, see On Stage.