May 2022 07

Big Fish released three critically acclaimed albums in the 90:s, melding industrial noises with folk music and alternative pop and we (Release) even organized a concert with the band. After a long hiatus, the band has finally recorded a new album.

Big Fish are from the Swedish city of Uppsala, and consists of David Giese, Thomas Gustavsson, Arvid Eriksson and Andreas Iverhed. Impressively, the new album is the exact same lineup, even though Arvid now lives in New Zeeland.

A while ago, Progress Production label manager Torny Gottberg was contacted by the band, telling him that they had working on new material, and would he like to release it? As a fan of the band’s earlier output, he said yes, and here we are.

The first single is “Döden vid Järva Krog” (“Death at Järva Krog”), a beautiful and sad song taken from the upcoming album “Kalla döda drömmar” in June 2022.