Subkult: A new alternative festival is born
Aug 2016 11

Finally Sweden gets a new outdoor summer festival that wants to walk in the footsteps of the old Arvika Festival, where subcultures united and we enjoyed great concerts non stop in a fantastic atmosphere. Subkult is premiering on Friday and Saturday, in Trollhättan, Sweden.

Line-up highlights for Release readers include Covenant, Tiamat, Clan of Xymox, Agent Side Grinder, Wulfband, Me the Tiger, Xenturion Prime and Essence of Mind. Subkult has a healthy dose of EBM, synthpop, industrial, goth and postpunk music. There will also be tons of other music from genres like metal, punk and indiepop alongside a market, side events and various happenings.

Subkult has been on the planning stage for years and have the backing of sponsors and partners to the extent that the festival will go ahead regardless of festival ticket sales. But of course, Subkult needs to start with a bang in order to be able to return next year, so support is important.