Stockholm record store Kollaps celebrates 1 year anniversary
Jan 2014 31

Kollaps is a record store in central Stockholm that’s entirely focused on alternative electronic music. To celebrate their 1 year anniversary they’re hosting a small festival at Kägelbanan in Stockholm on February 1.

Kollaps is a store where you can get a cup of coffee as well as play around with synthesizers while you’re browsing for new music. From time to time they even arrange small gigs in the shop. They opened one year ago and has shown us that there’s still a market for places like this. Some of the genres Kollaps work with are EBM, minimal wave, darkwave, goth, synthpop, industrial, dark ambient, krautrock, italodisco and noise. The two men behind Kollaps also operates the record labels Complete Control Productions (CCP) and Dödsdans.

The festival has a varied lineup with bands from all over the world. Cold Cave (USA), Sixth June (Serbia), -Y- (Spain), Distel (Holland), and 2 swedish acts called Varg and Monster Apparat. In between bands there’s a bunch of DJ:s to keep people dancing. Mats Wigerdahl (Ubangi, Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons, Oven & Stove etc) is compere for the evening.

The doors open at 18 and you can get your tickets at