“Songs of Faith and Devotion” 25 years – don’t swear in church
Mar 2018 23

Time sure flies, doesn’t it? On March 22nd, 1993, Depeche Mode released “Songs of Faith and Devotion”, an album that caused quite a fuzz then and still today is an object of discussion among the fans.

Back then, Release was a print magazine in Swedish and in issue 2/93 (with Depeche Mode on the cover), Release Editor-in-chief Mikael Kahrle, 21 years old at the time, gave the album a 10/10. Many readers agreed, while others argued that the only reason was the fact that it was a Depeche Mode album. In the early 90:s, many fans were of a very puritan nature (yeah, some still are) and the extensive use of guitars, gospel elements and “real” drums were a big no-no for those.

“If you have grown up with Depeche and electronic music, you might miss the electronic, structured sound at first. But after a while, you’ll realize that it really doesn’t matter here – “Songs of Faith and Devotion” is another masterpiece”, he wrote and praised the great song-writing and big, emotionally charged sound.

Most of the Release Magazine writers, and Mr Editor himself, still feel this is one of the band’s best albums.

So: Happy quarter of a century anniversary, “Songs of Faith and Devotion”!