Some tidbits about Depeche Mode’s new album
Jul 2012 24

As you might know, Depeche Mode singer David Gahan has just released an album he made with together with the British band Soulsavers. It’s called “The Light the Dead See”, and while doing a one-off gig to promote it in Los Angeles, Rich (from Soulsavers) and David did an interview for DIY. Of course they talk about their collaboration, but there are also some Depeche Mode tidbits slipping out.

They’re currently in LA for their third studio session, aiming for an April 2013 release. They have about 20 songs being worked on, and Martin Gore and Dave have collaborated on a track, although it’s not certain it will end up on the record. Another interesting piece of news is that Mark “Flood” Ellis will mix the album, making this the first time they’ve worked together since Flood remixed the single version of “Freelove” in 2001.

David ends the interview with this promising quote:  ”I hope this album is going to be less detailed and hit a bit more of a raw nerve, in terms of the production. It feels like that, but it’s still early days. But I do think the new songs are of a higher quality, somehow. They’re different, there’s something about them. Martin is writing from a different place and the songs that I’ve written are too. It just feels like we’re coming together. There’s something good happening.”

Other stuff we already know is that Ben Hillier is producing again, and Christoffer Berg from Release’s hometown Gothenburg (who has worked with Fever Ray and The Knife) is successfully working as a programmer.