Robotiko Rejekto powers up after long sleep
Nov 2012 09

Robotiko Rejekto powers up again with a comeback album called “Corporate Power”. Robotiko Rejekto’s RaHen calls himself Ralh Henrich when he’s off duty as the producer behind Robotiko Rejekto. The project was active in the late eighties and early nineties, and RaHen was a big part of the Frankfurt scene with Talla 2XLC, and Ralf was also involved with Moskwa TV and early Leather Strip. Now he’s back after a loooong break, and according to the press blurb he “mixes his retro roots as he blends the machismo of classic early EBM and the modern musical impulses of alternative/crossover and electro”. “Corporate Power” comes out on November 13 next week via Infacted Recordings in Europe and Metropolis Records in the US.