Remix album from Front Line Assembly is on its way
Jul 2013 10

We recently had a long chat with Mr Front Line Assembly himself: Bill Leeb, and a longer article will be published shortly. Not only do you have the excellent FLA album “Echogenetic” to look forward to (out this week); the band is also putting together a remix album. They have a bunch of artists working on remixes of “Echogenetic”, such as Haujobb and Necro Facility, as well as ex- FLA member Rhys Fulber. Each track will get an artistic re-interpretation by a different artist, and it will probably be called “Echogenetic Reinterpreted” or something to that effect. No word on release date, but perhaps sometime in the fall.

The track “Killing Grounds” has been remixed by the band themselves, and it’s been issued to DJ:s. It might end up being a “proper” single.

In other news, Bill also said that they have 15 or so songs that they thought would fit better as Noise Unit, so if we’re in luck there is a new album on the horizon. Leeb just wants to make sure it’s up to standard.