Dec 2013 02

Norwegian synthpop sensation Shatoo enjoyed some success back in the eighties when they released the albums “A True Story” and “Life” including hit singles “Overload” and “Santorini”.¬†Original members Dag Brandth and Calle Varfjell (ex-Marcussen) have been joined by Per Aksel Lundgreen (Angst Pop, Cronos Titan, ex-Apoptygma Berzerk) and Geir Bratland (ex-Apoptygma Berzerk) for the new material.

Comeback single “Nothing That I Wouldn’t Do” was released in May and now the time has come for second single “Floodlights” due out on December 13 on Sub Culture Records. A third single, “Movies” will be released around February/March with a full album to follow.