Postpunk electronica duo Red Mecca’s new single out this week
Jan 2014 31

Watch the video for Red Mecca’s hypnotic new single “Love and Hate” below. The single and video was released earlier this week. Red Mecca is an interesting postpunk electronica duo from Sundsvall in northern Sweden, with the current line-up of vocalist Frida Madeleine and musician Jan Strandqvist. 

Strandqvist joined post punk band Brända Barn in 1982 as a percussionist and keyboard player. He founded Red Mecca in 1997, influenced by big beat electronica bands like The Chemical Brothers and landed a record deal with Telegram/Warner.

Red Mecca is now on the local record label Massproduktion and the album “You Were Never Here” came out last year. “Love and Hate” is a cover of Brända Barn’s “Kärlek och hat” taken from that album. The name Brända Barn is taken from a Stig Dagerman novel and Red Mecca from a Cabaret Voltaire album.

Their previous single “I Will Disappear”: