Nov 2018 21

Industrial artist Pig is already in a special festive mood and has recorded a 3-track Christmas EP.

The songs are ”Last Christmas”, ”Blue Christmas” and ”Happy Christmas (War Is Over)”. Raymond Watts:

- I wanted to pay homage to the great Christmas songs, have fun with them but also take a stand against the ever rising tide of toxic bigotry in this increasingly brutal world while remembering there is a better part of ourselves. “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)” in particular represents this whatever your beliefs may or may not be. “Last Christmas” while being a great song from the irreplaceable George Michael (who left us two years ago this Christmas) also represents the fleeting nature of “the season of goodwill”. “Blue Christmas” resonates with anyone who is separated from a loved one at this time of year, whatever the reason, war zone or weather (and who doesn’t want a go at being the King?) To that end these songs stand as an honour guard from the Lord of Lard.