Dec 2013 09

After the debut “Generation Damaged” the Philadelphia band UCNX will now return with the cover album “Replicator” featuring a whole bunch of industrial classics from Nine Inch Nails, Leaether Strip, Ozzy Osbourne (!), and many more. Along with some reworked UCNX tracks from the last album.

Actually, UCNX’s first release “Run Your Body” was a cover, or rather a mashup, between Iron Maiden and Nitzer Ebb. This might tell you a bit of where they’re coming from… The album features a lot of different genres, and pays homage to a very diverse set of influences. Should be interesting to hear!

The album is available both as a standard CD as well as a deluxe version with 5 bonus tracks and comes out on December 28 on DSBP Records.