Ohm is dead, long live OHMelectronic
Aug 2018 10

Ohm released their self-titled debut album back in 2013, and are working on new material as we speak. And now they’re changing the name to OHMelectronic.

Craig Huxtable and Chris Peterson both have illustrious pasts in bands such as Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit, Landscape Body Machine and more, and Craig has this to say about the name change:

- It’s not a massive change as I’m sure all of our fans are aware, all of our domains and social media accounts have always had the name OHMelectronic in the address. We have decided to make this evolution of our name a permanent change. We believe that by making our name even more unique, it will enable our fan base, new and old, to find us on social media and streaming platforms with much more ease.

Embedded below is the video for “Uppercut”, the latest single which will be included on the next album.

OHMelectronic – Uppercut from Ohm electronic on Vimeo.