Nitzer Ebb original line-up on tour plus box release
Jul 2018 31

Nitzer Ebb returns after eight years and they have big surprises in store.

Nitzer Ebb will return to the stage in 2019 and shows in various countries are being planned as we speak. One concert is already announced, at Cologne’s Amphi festival in July 2019. In addition to Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris, Nitzer Ebb Produkt (NEP) men David Gooday and Simon Granger will join in. NEP is the creative collective operating side by side with the group Nitzer Ebb. This line-up has not performed since 1987.

A Nitzer Ebb box set will be released on October 5 2018 on Pylon Records. It will feature all five Mute/Geffen albums and lots of extra tracks, liner notes by the band, unseen photos etc. A limited edition will also contain the self-released ”Basic Pain Procedure” album.