Apr 2014 25

Klinik vocalist Dirk Ivens have recorded “Go (Bring It) Back” together with Swedish electro rock band Agent Side Grinder and the result is released tomorrow. The song is a musical mashup of the Klinik classic “Go Back” and Agent Side Grinder’s “Bring It Back”.

Agent Side Grinder recreated the drum beat and significant riff from “Go Back” and mixed it with their own “Bring It Back”. Agent Side Grinder and Dirk Ivens had become friends after playing at several European festivals and when Klinik recently played in Malmö, Agent Side Grinder was the support act. The morning after, they recorded the vocals for “Go (Bring It) Back” in Dirk’s hotel room.

Stockholm label and record store Kollaps releases the song as a 12″ on the Swedish Record Store Day tomorrow. In addition they also release “Brown” by the electronic music band Soundburger.