New Spark! album “Spektrum” features a long row of guests
Dec 2014 30

In February, Swedish bodypop project Spark! returns with the new album “Spektrum”, featuring a long row of guest vocalists.

Spark! is a one-man band these days, after vocalist Stefan Brorsson left Spark! due to personal reasons. Remaining member Mattias Ziessow has now hired people from Spetsnaz, Patenbrigade: Wolff, Leather Strip, Dupont, Pouppée Fabrikk, NordarR, Xenturion Prime, Blitzmaschine, Substaat, NZ and Biomekkanik.

The first 200 copies of this Progress Productions release will include a limited edition CD.

Track listing:

01. Infectious (feat. Spetsnaz)
02. Nordost (feat. Patenbrigade :Wolff)
03. Dysfunctional (feat. Biomekkanik)
04. Weit Voraus (feat. NordarR)
05. Light On (feat. Dupont)
06. Fashion (feat. Leaether Strip)
07. Fangesinn (feat. Xenturion Prime)
08. A Final Twitch (feat. NZ)
09. Mittsommernacht (feat. Blitzmaschine)
10. Unforgiving (feat. Pouppee Fabrikk)
11. Momentum (feat. Substaat)

Limited Edition CD
01. Dysfunctional (feat. Biomekkanik) – BIOMEKKANIK REMIX
02. Nordost (feat. Patenbrigade :Wolff) – BODYSTYLER REMIX
03. Momentum (feat. Substaat) – TITANS REMIX
04. Fangesinn (feat. Xenturion Prime) – XENTURION PRIME REMIX
05. Weit Voraus (feat. NordarR) – NORDARR REMIX
06. Rik pa frihet (feat. SWC)
07. Light On (feat. Dupont) – CONTAINER 90 HELLELUJA REMIX