New single from the Pet Shop Boys out now
Apr 2013 30

Well, this was a surprise. Today the Pet Shop Boys decided to release “Axis” (see video below), the first single from the upcoming album “Electric”. It’s available on iTunes starting today, and a remix by Boyz Noize is coming soon.

“Electric” will be released on July 15 and is produced by Stuart Price. Price is a great producer who has worked with a loooong list of artists including Madonna, Lady Gaga, New Order, Kylie Minogue, while also producing his own dance music under different guises such as Thin White Duke, Les Rhythmes Digitales, Jacques Le Cont and more. Ha has also released pop music in the band Zoot Woman. This is the first time he’s produced an album for PSB, but he was involved in reshaping all songs for the “Pandemonium Tour”.

“Electric” is a pure dance album, according to the press release. It features 9 songs, 8 of them being brand new PSB songs, and one is a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “The Last to Die”. They recorded the album in Berlin, Los Angeles and London, mixing old school synthesizers and drum machines with modern computers. Stuart Price describes the album thus:

- Full length songs with no regard taken to conventional rules, stepping away from classic structures and instead focus on what’s fun and danceable.

The boys themselves have this to say:

- “Electric is an album for the dance floor. Our most recent albums have been a reaction to the album before it, and if “Elysium” was a very reflective album, “Electric” is very straightforward. And we have wanted to work with Stuart Price for a long time”.

Track list:

1. “Axis”
2. “Bolshy”
3. “Love Is a Bourgeois Construct”
4. “Fluorescent”
5. “Inside a Dream”
6. “The Last to Die”
7. “Shouting in the Evening”
8. “Thursday (featuring Example)”
9. “Vocal”